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Emily/Em/Emmy/Emma/Charlie/Chuck/Chuckie/Cherub/King. 21. Recent college graduate. B.A. in Communications and Media Arts. Proud Alpha Xi Delta alum. Future journalist. Duke Basketball. Steelers Football. Penguins hockey. Karate. Running. Music. Reading. Laughing. Concerts. Tattoos. North Carolina. Travel enthusiast. Obnoxious shenanigans with my best friend Melissa ( Etc.
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Bey and Jay first shouted each other at the 2004 VMAs when there was still speculation whether they were dating or not. Then here we are 10 years later. It took 10 years to build up to one of the most beautiful moments in the history of award shows.

The fantastic irony is that this moment occured also at the VMAs where Jay presented the Michael Jackson Vanguard award to Beyoncé this time as Husband and Wife along with their beautiful child Blue Ivy Carter.

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@harrystyles: Thanks for having us Raleigh,NC. You were very very loud .x


we made some midnight-ish memories.

Oh this makes me so sad! I can’t believe it’s been a year! ): What a great day this was though :)


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Jack’s Mannequin - Dark Blue
"If you’ve ever been alone…you’ll know."

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can we all just take a moment to realize how fine kesha has looked since rehab

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Prince Edward (1965) - Prince George (2014)

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ive never been able to relate to a celebrity more than i can right now

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